Restaurant and Tea Garden

"Passion, Character and Charm in the Heart of Mdina"


Grape vine covered courtyards, home grown herbs, multi coloured lights, and a myriad of wind chimes give a flirtatious wink of what's to come. You feel like a special guest in your best friend's home.

If you have visited Coogi's before then you surely don't need reminding that the courtyards, bastions and internal medieval rooms are simply magical when bathed in soft candle light.

Dining beneath the vine, accompanied by the tinkling of wind chimes, and the sound of running water is to be transported to a peaceful place which is all to easy to forget still exists here in Malta.


The staff at Coogi's also play their role, they are very friendly, attentive, brisk, and well-mannered - a breath of fresh air in itself.

Our menu is Italian, Maltese and Mediterranean in concept.



A short history about the building itself.

Essentially, this was an old Arab townhouse, with some walls of Arab origin, and some rooms dating back to the Norman era, with later additions throughout history.

Its façade faces South, while the bastion terrace looks toward the North, over land and sea, with St. Paul's Bay visible in the distance, and even Sicily on some clear nights.

There is an underground spring and functioning well, and even a wartime air raid shelter. The shelter was hewn directly into the bastion walls.

This place was in a state of disrepair when we first took it over, but we worked hard to retain all of the original features and built around these unique features (and on top of them, under them etc. etc...).

We hope you enjoy the unique atmosphere this building helps to create.


— Olivier and Eric, owners & founders.